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We have our sights set on the future

As a holding company and leaders in the maritime field, the American Maritime Holdings companies are constantly analyzing the marketplace so that we may identify the opportunities that will enable us to strategically broaden our holdings. We strongly believe that this benefits our clients and our employees, as well as our industry as a whole.
Ship Repair & Maintenance Services - Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

We are an employee-owned company

Providing value to our employees and shareholders is paramount

AMH Health & Wellness Benefits


Take advantage of our premium healthcare plans, the American Maritime clinic, wellness education, and insurance packages. We take care of you right through to retirement too.

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AMH Workforce Development Program


Gain a foothold in the industry with our Virginia Department of Labor certified apprenticeship program. Then advance your career with our workforce development plans.

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AMH Employee Career Development


American Maritime Holdings offers leadership and strategic guidance as well as a unique insight into the naval military and maritime industries.

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AMH Philanthropy


We believe in building genuine, long-lasting relationships with other organizations in our industry and strive to help make the world a better place through our philanthropic activities.

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Meeting the needs of the maritime industry

Through our diversified subsidiaries

Ship Repair & Maintenance Services - Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

We’re the repair and maintenance specialists you can rely on

American Maritime Holding’s three unique operating subsidiaries provide extensive ship repair and full maintenance services to a range of clients including the U.S. Navy, the commercial shipping industry and the operators and owners of luxury yachts. All our companies hold the same beliefs, values and goals that first and foremost center on providing a first class service to all clients as well as fostering dynamic environments in which our employees can thrive.

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Marine Hydraulics International (MHI)

Marine Hydraulics International

A major ship repair and conversion contractor which boasts a 1220 foot long pier – the largest privately owned pier on the USA’s East Coast.

Técnico Corporation

Técnico Corporation

One of the maritime industry’s leading providers of ship repair, habitability and fabrication services, the company benefits from being mobile and geographically dispersed.

Ocean Marine Yacht Center

Ocean Marine Yacht Center

A custom built complex that serves the needs of the owners, operators, captains and crews of some of the world’s most luxurious vessels.