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About American Maritime Holdings

American Maritime Holdings (AMH) is a diversified holding company with three operating subsidiaries. These independent brands provide a comprehensive array of high quality ship repair and maintenance services to the U.S. NAVY, commercial shipping, and luxury mega yacht owner/operators.

American Maritime Holdings (AMH) is one of the largest employee-owned marine and Industrial companies in the United States.  AMH held  brands/subsidiaries include:

Marine Hydraulics International,
Técnico Corporation,
Ocean Marine Yacht Center,

The Holdings of AMH Provide Several Tangible Advantages:

AMH is located in Norfolk, Virginia. The company was officially incorporated on July 1, 2008. It was formed as a strategic partnership between two major marine and industrial forces headquartered in the Port of Hampton Roads, Virginia. As a holding company, AMH is focused on providing the defense and marine industries with a formidable, high quality, low-cost maritime service provider today and into the future.

Along with its subsidiary companies, AMH operates facilities in Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and California.

The holdings of AMH Include Marine Hydraulics International, (MHI); Técnico Corporation; and Ocean Marine Yacht Center brands. Each branded company operates as independent organizations. Our customers benefit from the complementary yet unduplicated resources of the AMH brands. The inherent synergies provide ready access to proven high quality maritime services capabilities and facilities. 

AMH and its holdings are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive ship repair and Alteration Installation Team services to government, commercial, and privately owned vessels today and well into the future.  Because each company operates independently, they are capable of bidding and managing contracts separately. Under the AMH banner, our customers gain efficiencies through identification and implementation of best practices and leveraging the advantages of a diversified ship repair and maintenance portfolio.